Sambwoy-ban-bugu-audio302 | audio302

Download Sambwoy Ban Bugu

🎤🔥 “Ban-Bugu” Revisited: SamBwoy Returns with Explosive Response to Rekordz! 🔥🎤 Hold onto your hats, because the rap feud has taken an unexpected twist! SamBwoy, known for his fierce lyrics, has fired back at Rekordz with a vengeance, dropping a track titled “Ban-Bugu.” This latest installment in the ongoing rap…

Rekordz-Yiripuo-Kpatiri-Diss_audio302 | audio302

Download Rekordz Yiripuo-Kpatiri

🎤🔥 “Yiripuo-Kpatiri” Drops: Rekordz Fires Another Round in Explosive Feud with “Best-Gally”! 🔥🎤 Hip-hop enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a double dose of fire! The rap battle between Rekordz and “Sambwoy” just got even hotter with the release of “Yiripuo-Kpatiri,” the highly-anticipated sequel to the ongoing feud. This diss track is…

Rekordz-Best-Gally diss

Download Rekordz-Best-Gally diss.mp3

🎤🔥 “Rekordz-Best-Gally-Diss-Song”: Best-Gally’s Clap Back Takes Aim at SamBwoy! 🔥🎤 Hold onto your hats, because the rap feud is heating up! Following SamBwoy’s incendiary diss track “Bundao,” Best-Gally’s trainee has stepped up to the mic with “Rekordz-Best-Gally-Diss-Song.” This new diss track has set the hip-hop world ablaze, and fans are…


Download SamBwoy Bundao.mp3

🎤🔥 “Bundao”: SamBwoy’s Explosive Diss Track Targeting Best-Gally! 🔥🎤 Get ready for a musical explosion because SamBwoy has just unleashed “Bundao,” a scathing diss track aimed straight at Best-Gally. This track is sending shockwaves through the hip-hop scene, and fans are all ears. SamBwoy pulls no punches, delivering cutting lyrics…


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