Veng Kan Wo Nuo: A New Song by Bill Cash Produce by Massive Mix

Veng Kan Wo Nuo: A New Song by Bill Cash

Bill Cash recently released his newest song to the world, titled Veng Kan Wo Nuo, which means Let me enjoy in English. The song tells the tale of a man who must leave his lover behind and wishes her luck on her journey ahead without him. The song was inspired by Cash’s trip back to his home country of Ghana from Wa upper west, where he has been living for several years as an artist.

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Veng Kan Wo Nuo is a song about a man in love with his bike. Many listeners have praised it as an original and fun take on what is typically a boring subject for Chinese music. Bill Cash has provided us with an important service, writes one amateur reviewer. This could be said to be our generation’s rendition of Queen’s Bicycle Race. I look forward to more masterpieces from him in the future.

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Bill Cash Veng Kan Wo Nuo
Bill Cash Veng Kan Wo Nuo


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