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Namasco Nanbonlanila: How It All Happens

Namasco Nanbonlanila is a new song from a talented Highlife artist who identifies as queer. The lyrics detail the singer’s travels through their hometown of Ghana, Wa. He reminisces about his childhood, which he spent in the inner city surrounded by poverty and violence. Now, as an adult, Namasco Nanbonlanila feels fortunate to have found success in his music career.

Namasco Nanbonlanila

Namasco Nanbonlanila is a must-download track

Nanasco Nanbonlanila is a Ghanaian artist with a great passion for singing. His latest song, Nanbonlanila is a new release from the Namasco Nanbonlanila album. The song is full of hope, resilience, and positivity as it tells the story of love. Nanbonlanila has beautifully incorporated his voice into this track as he sings about how he wants to be with his voice forever.

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