Download the latest tune from Ma-Guy-ft-Wiz Maleek_Difference and feel the difference!

Download the latest tune from Ma-Guy-ft-Wiz Maleek_Difference and feel the difference!

Ma-Guy-ft-Wiz Maleek_Difference has just dropped his latest tune, which you can now download online. And yes, this track truly is different from anything else you’ve heard before; no one can deny that! With Ma-Guy-ft-Wiz Maleek_Difference at the helm, there’s no way that you could possibly be bored as he’s always coming up with new ways to entertain himself and everyone else around him.

What do you need to know about Ma-Guy and Wiz-Maleek?
Wiz Maleek is a sound duo based in Ghana. They have a large social following of 453,000 fans across their various social media accounts. Wiz Maleek consists of two members: WizMaleek who does all vocals for their music tracks. Qobra Beatz provides beats for all WizMal tracks.

The Team by Ma Guy comes like fire

The Team by Ma Guy came out today featuring Wiz Maleek. The song was produced by Qobra Beatz. And it is a banger! I know you want to download it but it’s yet to be officially released so here is the audio302 link for you to stream, enjoy and share with your friends… It features Wiz Maleek who sounds fantastic on it.

The Track available on audio302

If you’re looking for something uplifting and full of good vibes, then Difference by Ma-Guy-ft Wiz Maleek is definitely for you. With its positive message about making a difference in life, it will make you think hard about your daily choices and decisions. As soon as I heard that special sound on my radar app, I knew that I had to hear more of what they have to offer on audio302. Download some tracks now while they’re still up!

Why do we love it so much and it plays on many radios?

This song is a real feel-good kind of jam, have you had a bad day at work or school? Just play it and watch your whole day change. If you are stuck in traffic playing it will surely get you in a better mood. Or even if you’re already in a great mood playing it just makes it more awesome to be around other people… Everybody loves music. It’s soothing, it’s fresh, it’s a new age.

Where you can find more info and share it across

For every musician, songwriter, or performing artist there are some good places to get your music out there. There is a great platform called Audio302 on which you can upload your original songs or covers. You should also be sure to take advantage of Twitter and Facebook by sharing each new track you release. You can also sign up for YouTube channels and start uploading all your content.

Ma Guy-ft-Wiz Maleek_Difference
Ma Guy-ft-Wiz Maleek Difference
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