New Music Alert: King Raph ft Northern All Stars

New Music Alert: King Raph ft Northern All Stars

This week King Raph came out with a new song, Northern All-Stars featuring Northern Kings and the group takes the song to new heights! Since the release of this song, it has gotten major attention, reaching #5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts, #8 on HotNewHipHop, and #7 on Apple Music. It’s safe to say that this collaboration between these nine talented groups has been highly anticipated and people are loving it! Listen to King Raph ft Northern All-Stars below!

King Raphius Ft Blakk Rasta, Sherifa Guru, Sherrif Gally, Iwan, Mohammed, Nachisi, Atimbila and Markuse

This is a mix of talent that will be sure to make you groove to their groovy tunes. This single dubbed Hold it down is a certain banger that you cannot afford to miss! The members of MPR music bring out an amazing song with high lyrical content and an even better delivery. It’s just another masterpiece by these talented artists. Listen below and download your copy today!

Raphius the hero

Rap music is often thought of as something negative, but there are several rappers who have been vocal about social change and promoting unity and equality. One of these artists is Raphius, also known as King Raph. In his latest single Northern All-Stars, he raps about overcoming adversity from bullies and bringing people together through their common humanity rather than ethnicity or religion. The instrumental complements Raphus’ message by using traditional Japanese instruments like a koto and taiko drums to set a wistful but victorious tone for his lyrics. And it’s worth mentioning that he does an excellent job of conveying complex emotions in such a catchy song. You can listen to Northern All-Stars on audio302!

New Music Alert: King Raph ft Northern All Stars
New Music Alert: King Raph ft Northern All Stars


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