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Positive testimonies from previous winners as UMA launches 2023 edition

UMA The winners of the most recent UMA competition, in particular the Artist of the Year and New Artist of the Year, have given excellent testimonials about the awards program’s fulfillment of all pledges made to those who won those categories. UMA

Positive testimonies from previous UMA

Positive testimonies from previous winners as UMA launches 2023 edition

During the launch which took place on Saturday, 24th September, 2022 at the Wa In Service Training Center, Sambwoy, the ultimate winner of the Artist of the Year category showed so much gratitude to the organizers of the scheme during his 5-minute performance. He thanked the scheme for fulfilling all the promises they made to him including a promotional deal, a collaboration with a nation-wide renown artist and a total sum of Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (5,000gh) after he won the award.

He backed this statement up with a short performance of the unreleased collaboration with Quata Budukusu. The song received massive response from the audience though it was the first-time public play.

UMA Has Given Me a New Purpose

Following Sambwoy, Di-Yungsta, the New Artist of the Year winner, also shared his experience. Additionally, a promotional deal, a payment of One Thousand Ghana Cedis (1,000gh), and a cooperation with the Northern Artist of the Year winner were guaranteed to Di-Yungsta. He announced vehemently that all commitments had been met as he concluded by performing the aforementioned collaboration with Soorebia from the Upper East Region, who was awarded the Northern Act of the Year winner.

The Wa In-Service Training Center hosted the official debut of the UMA’s 2023 edition, now known as the Happy Man Bitters UMA, in the wee hours of September 24, 2022. With the rain and unfavorable weather, a large number of musicians, management teams, groups and associations, the media, invited guests, sponsors, and many other people attended the event, which was presided over by Mr. Ibrahim Muniru of Radio Mak.

The headline sponsor, Happy Man Bitters also sent in a two-member representative board who encouraged the musicians to continue to produce quality content worth awarding. They also pledged their continuous support to the scheme and the region as a whole under the condition that peace and unity continues to prevail in the industry.

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