Introducing SM Rako Jora Bang Kara – a free MP3 produced by Qobrahbeatz!

Introducing SM Rako Jora Bang Kara – a free MP3 produced by Qobrahbeatz!

Give your playlist a sweet new addition with the free MP3 SM Rako Jora Bang Kara by Qobrahbeatz! The track, which can be downloaded via the Audio302 player below, combines tribal sounds with urban beats to create an energetic and hypnotic vibe that will instantly get you hyped and ready to go. We hope you enjoy the track! Don’t forget to show your support by liking and sharing this post if you do! Also, check out more of Qobrahbeatz’s music on his website or SoundCloud page!

Why did I make this?

When I was younger, I never really saw music as something that could be done from home. But then I heard about Qobrahbeatz (the producer of my new song SM Rako Jora Bang Kara), and his story opened my eyes to what was possible in our industry today. He creates music from his home studio, and it sounds just as good as anything you hear on the radio.

Listen To The Song (or read the lyrics)

Listen to Sm Rako Jora Bang Kara (or read more about it) on Qobrahbeatz’s audio302 profile. Thanks for listening to a track from our debut track! The track is ready for your listening pleasure in just a few days; please keep an eye out for its released and have fun jamming out with us.

SM Rako Jora Bang Kara Produced by Qobrahbeatz
SM Rako Karaan Produced by Qobrahbeatz
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