Rapper Liwin’s New Track ‘Ninbiri banfugu’ is a Banger!

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Rapper Liwin’s New Track ‘Ninbiri banfugu’ is a Banger!

Rapper Liwin, who’s on the rise in the Japanese hip-hop scene, released his newest track ‘Ninbiri banfugu’ through his official SoundCloud. The track, produced by Liwin himself and Keisha Okada, embodies the feel of an old-school battle rap with its percussion-heavy beat and fierce lyrics…You can’t help but nod your head along to this one! Listen below!

3 reasons this song should be on your playlist

If you’re ready to jam out with your friends or feel like getting pumped for a tough workout at the gym, check out rapper Liwin’s latest track Ninbiri banfugu. The song has everything we love about rap music: clever lyrics, strong vocals, and killer beats. Here are three reasons why we can’t stop listening to it… 1.

The way it looks like an older 3:39 minute song but still sounds current

This song has more of an older feel, with its old-school rapping/beat style. However, it still sounds current and trendy which makes me think that Liwin was in a time machine (which I’m sure he has access to seeing as he is rich and famous) or has really just perfected his art. But that could be my interpretation, what do you think?

Shows off his rapping skills in different ways

Rapper Liwin, famous for his hit rap music Gets Down, has returned with a new banger. Despite being surrounded by controversy over his recent tweets about Justin Bieber and Drake, which some perceived as racist, Liwin continues to make great music. In his new song, Ninbiri banfugu, Liwin shows off his rapping skills in different ways: from belting out anthemic verses to delivering surprising freestyle-style bars over perfectly produced beats.

This song brings back childhood memories

As a child, I spent countless hours listening to rap music with my friends. Listening to rap songs feels so good and brings back so many childhood memories me. Whether you like popular songs or not, nothing can replace how much you loved your favorite rap song when you were younger. It makes me miss those days but one thing for sure is that Ninbiri banfugu will make you feel nostalgic as it does for me.

Fans won’t need to wait long for more!

Rap fans don’t have to wait long for more from rapper Liwin.’ He said in an interview he’ll be dropping another track later tonight.

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