SB Waahu Kuuyela Drops New Free MP3!

New Music Alert: SB Waahu Kuuyela Drops New Free MP3!

Waahu Kuuyela has dropped the newest free music alert that you can download and listen to for free! It’s called SB Waahu Kuuyela, and it’s available on his Facebook page here! If you like what you hear, follow Waahu Kuuyela on Facebook so you can get more updates about his music and shows. They happen quite often! He’s on Instagram, too, if you care about that sort of thing! Here’s the SB Waahu Kuuyela music video so you can see what he looks like!

Download and listen

We’re here to tell you that SB Waahu is not a band you want to sleep on. Check out their latest song, Kuuyela (which translates to alone in Dagaare), below and download it free of charge. The track is a fresh take on an African folk sound and makes for great driving music. Consider it our gift to you; have a listen, then hit up their website to check out their extensive discography. We promise—you won’t be disappointed!

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