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Why Excellent Phones?

Cost Efficiency

With the exception of maybe a phone being exploded into pieces, repairing your device is more affordable than outright buying a new phone. Typical repair prices range from 50ghc-130ghc, while new devices range from 500-5,000ghc. If you are looking to save money and extend the quality/ life of your device, you should really consider the repair option. You should also consider whether your upgrade is truly an upgrade. Many people love having the newest and shiniest device on the market, but you should decide whether certain new features are worth your extra cash.

Excellent phones repairs

1 phones repairs
2 flashing and unlocking
3 touch, screen, and all kinds of battery replacement
4 buying of spoiled phones
5 selling of all kinds of cell phone accessories

Internet Marketing

  1. Blogging of music, News, event and many more for free no payments needed
  2. selling of smocks with Momo
  3. sell audio tracks with Momo and many more products
  4. Create your own account/shop and start selling the above products mentioned Once your account reach 50ghc you can withdraw your money free of charge
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