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Introducing Sensational G Bwoy: Unleashing His Debut Single “Boli Gap City”

Xpress Gh Online proudly presents its newest talent, the gifted artiste G Bwoy, who is already causing waves in the music industry with the release of his first single, “Boli Gap City.”

G Bwoy, an emerging rapper and singer, burst onto the scene in early 2023, supported and guided by the expert management of Xpress Gh Online. Alongside his introduction, the label is set to captivate music enthusiasts with the alluring beats and catchy lyrics of his debut track, “Boli Gap City.”

Released on July 5, 2023, “Boli Gap City” is an infectious Camp cheering song that is rapidly gaining popularity and is predicted to become a true anthem for the masses. G Bwoy’s talent shines through with captivating hooks and sweet melodies, while his charming ‘fine boy’ looks add to his appeal.

A quick glimpse into the background of G Bwoy reveals his versatility as an artist. Born Ibrahim Abdul Gafuru on May 29, 2005, he draws inspiration from some of Ghana’s greatest musical icons, including Best Gally, Rekordz, Wiz Maleek, and Sambwoy, among others.


With the ability to effortlessly blend into contemporary beats and create fresh genres that resonate with both old and new fans, G Bwoy possesses a unique musical prowess. His performances are electrifying, and his smooth vocals combined with powerful, meaningful lyrics promise to garner him a dedicated following.

Having signed with Xpress Gh Online, G Bwoy’s musical journey commenced in January 2023 with the soulful track “Boli Gap City,” which delves into themes of dedication and loyalty in love.

A true enthusiast of Ghanaian and African music, G Bwoy is set to become a prominent voice in the rap community and a global ambassador for the rich cultural heritage and music of Ghana and Africa.

For more details about G Bwoy and his exciting musical journey, feel free to reach out via call or WhatsApp at 0208291107.

Boli Gap City
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